Welcome to Diamond R Ranch’s first official Foaling Contest with prizes! We are making official Diamond R t-shirts with our Hall of Fame Horses. Here’s how you get one. Correctly guess date, gender, and/or color of each baby 24 hours before they’re born. The more you guess the better your chances are. Post guesses to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #diamondrcontest. When you win we will private message you for a mailing address. We are having 12 babies this year and want to get as many winners as we can so get your guesses in!

  • Seis The Royal Cash bred to Valiant Hero due 1/12/2016 (embryo 1)
  • Feature Me Rose bred to Valiant Hero due 1/19/2016 (embryo 1)
  • Her Sweet Choice bred to Ivory James due 2/5/16
  • Feature Me Rose bred to Tres Seis due 2/9/16 (embryo 2)
  • Seis The Royal Cash bred to Fantastic Corona JR due 2/12/16 (embryo 2)
  • Anita Fajita bred to One Dashing Eagle due 2/12/16
  • Midnight Sunlight bred to Valiant Hero due 2/14/16 (embryo 1)
  • Midnight Sunlight bred to FDD Dynasty due 2/28/16 (embryo 2)
  • Cajun Dixie bred to Coronado Cartel due 3/7/16
  • Atsi Hero bred to Freighttrain B due 3/20/16
  • Hanna B Jazzin bred to PYC Paint Your Wagon due 3/21/16
  • Valiant Red Vixen bred to Teller Cartel due 3/23/16

Good luck everyone!